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This is Irish.
Our beautiful emerald isle is world famous for its luscious green landscape. But do you know what an amazing biodiverse marine culture we have, largely untapped, sitting on our wild and rugged length of coastline? Ireland has over 7,500km of rocky coastline, shaped for millions of years by the rugged and untamed strength of the great Atlantic to our west. Diving beneath these depths is another world of unharnessed beauty and nutrition.
This is health.
We have more than 500 species of seaweed growing in abundance off our coast, soaking up the clean natural minerals and vitamins from the nutrient rich Atlantic. Nowadays we understand more about the impact of food choices on our health, and there is far more interest in knowing what’s in our food and ultimately what’s good for us. We care about our healthy lifestyles, and it is important that there is accountability on where our food comes from and how it is processed.
This is seaweed.
As a marine biologist I have studied our beautiful west coastline and all it has to offer for many years. I want to bring you on my incredible culinary journey, from Atlantic shores to Irish kitchens. My passion is delicious healthful local seafood. And I’m very proud to be able to bring you 100% organic, super-healthy and delicious Irish seaweed harvested locally from the nutrient rich waters of the Irish Atlantic.
Read my story here, on how I’ve linked my years of knowledge of the ocean with a passion for health, wellbeing and really good food. I’ve also collected my favourite recipes for great ideas on how to include seaweed in your daily cooking. Or you can read my blog which is always updated with the latest information on health and nutrition.
The seaweeds that are harvested in my range include Alaria, Dulse, Kelp, Sea Spaghetti and Carrageen. Read more about these varieties here.  You can buy them directly online or in your local store.
Let’s bring seaweed back into our kitchens.
Signature Paul O Connor This is Seaweed
Paul O'Connor
Marine Biologist & Seafood Enthusiast