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Some seaweeds are high in iodine and therefore, the nutritious super-foods should be eaten moderately. The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) daily recommended intake for adults is 150mcg; and 250mcg during pregnancy. The iodine level that adults can tolerate is 1000mcg; which should be the absolute limit.

Boiling is a great way to eliminate a seaweeds’ iodine content. If you boil Kelp in water for 15 minutes, it can lose up to 99% of its initial iodine levels. Good news, because Kelp is a real iodine bomb: 1g of raw Kelp contains 1,800mcg - 2,500mcg of iodine, which is above the daily recommended intake. So don't use the delicious sea-vegetable straight from the package! Instead, boil it before you create your super-food.

1g of raw Dulse contains 72mcg iodine. If you want to snack raw Dulse, just take one or two leaves equivalent to 2g. Again, it's better to boil this species.

In any case, if you have thyroid issues, you should check with your physician before adding more iodine to your diet.