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Harvested from the nutrient rich waters of the Irish Atlantic shores, our seaweeds are 100% certified organic, super-healthy and most importantly, they taste great. All seaweeds contain the umami flavour which is the 5th flavour (after sweet, salty, bitter and sour), maybe best described as a rich rounded savoury flavour. Umami is Japanese for 'delicious taste'. The key is in matching this flavour with the rest of your food.

By matching foods for their umami flavour you add depth and complexity to a dish. You are probably already doing this without realising it - other foods with this umami quality include cherry tomatoes, soy sauce, parmesan cheese and mushrooms.

I hope I can give you some inspiration to get started on your seaweed culinary journey with my favourite recipes below.

Baked egg in avocado and Alaria
Asian salad
Herby millet and Alaria
Cottage pie with Alaria
Protein bites

Savoury Dulse Muffins
Dulse gazpacho
Dulse and Quinoa salad
Vegetarian Dulse burger
Sweet potato, dulse and quinoa
Hummous and flaked Dulse

Homemade Miso soup

Sea spaghetti
Sea spaghetti pasta with basil pesto
Sea spaghetti and carrot salad

Carrageen blanchemange