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My seaweed flakes - Alaria and Dulse - are so versatile and easy to use that they can simply be sprinkled over salads, stir-fries, added to smoothies, or even to pizza, to lift your food in nutrition and taste.

Kelp is a wonderful addition to any cooking pot for enhanced nutrition and rich umami flavour.

You are even able to eat our delicious Alaria and Dulse flakes straight from the tin if you are looking for a super healthy snack on the go. They come in pocket sized tins that you can keep in your handbag or your gym bag for a nutritious pick-me-up during the day.

Seaweed can also be used as a replacement for salt. Alaria and Dulse are excellent as healthy salt replacements and provide a very simple method to enrich your meals. Just keep a tin beside your pepper mill in the cupboard as a reminder.

Or you can create mouthwatering dishes using our range of whole-leaf seaweeds and relish the oceans goodness throughout your cooking. You’ll find some of the best ways to use these jewels of the sea in my recipe section.