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This is seaweed ... this is goodness

Paul O'Connor - Organic Alaria Seaweed
After many years researching the marine environment and delighting in the foods that it produces, I thought it was time to share what I’ve learned about the culinary journey from shore to kitchen. My knowledge will help consumers to understand how the nutrient rich waters of the Atlantic are a rich source of delicious, nutritious and super healthy products.

‘This is Seaweed’ high quality seaweed products are harvested by hand and dried under strictly controlled conditions to ensure they are packed to perfection and ready to enjoy at your convenience. The driers never exceed 40˚C, so the healthy enzymes and vitamins remain intact.
Each seaweed in our range has its own suite of beneficial properties - the unique combinations of vitamins and minerals that make them ‘superfoods’. Eating a variety of seaweeds regularly helps give your body the very best of the ocean’s goodness.

‘This is Seaweed’ collection consists of Dulse, Carrageen, Sea Spaghetti, Kelp and many more. Across the range there are excellent sources of vitamins B6 and B12; omega 3 and 6 and they’re also rich in magnesium, calcium and iron.

Above all, they are delicious to eat and easy to prepare. You’ll find some of the best ways to use these jewels of the sea in your diet in the recipes section of this website.

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Paul O’Connor
Marine Biologist and Seafood enthusiast
Founder of This is Seaweed - Marine Biologist Paul O'Connor
Photo credit: Stephen Humphreys - The Irish Independent