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The Irish Times - Seaweed: the superfood craze

Paul with Tins in the water

Manchán Magan wrote a great article about the potentials and pitfalls of the seaweed industry in Ireland. It was a real honour to get a mention in this article alongside the other Irish pioneers in the field. 

Elegant canisters

For the marine biologist, Paul O’Connor, the focus was on developing a sleek, stylish product through packaging and marketing. His brand, This is Seaweed, offers flaked dulse, carrageen, sea spaghetti and kelp in elegantly designed canisters that appeal to high-end shops. Sales are rising in Ireland and the Netherlands and he is about to establish a niche in the United Arab Emirates after a recent Bord Bia trade mission to Dubai. Regarding the attention that Smith’s 3-D ocean farming is getting, O’Connor says: “It has a lot of merit and is something that could fit the Irish coastline, as long as the location is correct. Tide and wind/wave exposure will play a big factor in deciding the location. I intend setting up a seaweed farm in the west coast in the coming years. It will need a lot of investment to get it up and running and as always there are issues regarding licensing.”

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